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Glasspoint achieves 50% Omanisation in record time

GlassPoint and its partner Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) recently broke ground on the landmark solar project Miraah

Contributing to local human capital development, GlassPoint Solar announced its Oman organisation has achieved 50% Omanisation.

In 2015, the company expanded its national workforce from 11% to 50% of its Oman based employees, and is on track to surpass 70% Omanisation in the first quarter of next year.

“In less than a year, GlassPoint Oman has tripled its Omani headcount, filling key positions across all its main departments and functions. We are committed to hiring and developing local talent to help achieve our vision of creating a world-class solar power industry right here in Oman,” said Hani Al Khusaibi, GlassPoint’s Middle East Human Resources Manager.

Al Khusaibi added, “GlassPoint is pioneering solar powered oil production, which presents our diverse team with rewarding and challenging career opportunities. Our team members will develop greater expertise across solar technology innovation, project deployment as well as other support services. These skills will help diversify the economy and create a positive long-term impact on Oman and its people.”

GlassPoint and its partner Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) recently broke ground on the landmark solar project Miraah. Miraah, which means mirror in Arabic, will harness the sun’s energy to produce steam used to extract heavy and viscous oil at PDO’s Amal field in south Oman. Once complete, Miraah will produce more than one gigawatt of peak thermal energy, making it among the world’s largest solar plants of any kind.

Miraah will generate significant value for the Sultanate by creating new opportunities in supply chain development, manufacturing capacity, employment and training.

GlassPoint established its regional headquarters in the Sultanate of Oman in early 2012. Much of the executive team is now based in Oman, including the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer. The company’s major shareholders include Royal Dutch Shell and the State General Reserve Fund (SGRF), the largest sovereign wealth fund in Oman.