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Global Brands Magazine awards night honours top brands across globe in Dubai

In its quest to identify the best brands in the world, the Global Brands Magazine awards night was held at The Address Downtown Dubai, overseeing the iconic Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall on December 15, 2014.

Representatives from top brands across the globe gathered at the ball room for the evening which marked the presence of the greatest brands across the globe.

This year in excess of 5000 companies from 130 countries were evaluated as part of the judging process and at the end of the year more than 28 companies were announced across different regions. The event was ear-marked by the presence of Microsoft, SAP, Paris Gallery, Harley Davidson and others. The awards were presented by Alex Bleiberg who is the Founder & CEO – GCC Business Council.

The Global Brands Magazine awards night was a great opportunity for the executives of top brands across the globe to get under one roof and receive the coveted award. The Global Brands Magazine awards have become a benchmark in providing a precise indicator of leading brands across the globe.

Nagendra Dwivedi, CEO of Global Brands Magazine awards stated, “This year the awards were quite elaborate with a record of more than 5000 companies being evaluated under various categories and criterias. The combined brand value of these companies were more than 1 trillion pounds. Today, we are honoured to have these prestigious companies under one roof. The companies have the highest regard for building a sustainable brand value through investment in long term customer satisfaction.”

The magazine Brands Today was also launched here at the function. It is a lifestyle magazine with top-notch journalists being a part of the team headed by award-winning journalist and editor Raziqueh Hussain.