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GMG celebrates the success of ‘We Run DXB’

Participation of 13,000 runners underlines the rapid growth of the sports retail industry in the UAE

Gulf Marketing Group (GMG), one of the Middle East’s leading holding companies, has hailed the success of We Run DXB, a 10 kilometre race organised by Nike through its official distributor, Sun & Sand Sports.

As the retailer of the brand in the UAE, Sun & Sand Sports – part of GMG – played an integral role in driving the success of the event.

With over 15,000 registrations and 13,000 runners, the race saw significant engagement from the public and is the type of platform that has been driving the growth of the sports retail industry in the country. Valued at AED 3.9 billion in 2014, the sector is expected to grow at 6% this year in the UAE and is anticipated to outpace other industry segments such as apparel and footwear.

Indicative of the impact of events like ‘We Run DXB’ on the sports retail market, sales of Nike products since the race was announced in September rose compared to average growth rates during the rest of the year. On a broader level, sales of the brand’s products make up a large portion of the industry’s market share in the country and as the official distributor of Nike, Sun & Sand Sports has developed this business at approximately double the pace of the multibillion dollar sector’s global growth rate.

Mohammad A. Baker, Deputy Chairman, GMG, said: “Over the past few years, we have seen a burgeoning focus on health-conscious lifestyles, and as the leading sports retailer in the country, we have actively supported the development of this culture. As we look ahead, we remain dedicated to further driving this movement by continuing to support these types of initiatives, as well as delivering an authentic and distinctive brand experience that connects with the public. ‘We Run DXB’ is emblematic of this philosophy and we are proud to have contributed to its success this year.”