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GOIC organises workshop on IMI Plus in Qatar

Providing data about approximately 16000 Gulf factories

As is usual, GOIC offers courses and training workshops specialised in the GCC industrial sector reflecting its belief in the importance of information, the cornerstone of every research institution.

Thus, the Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting (GOIC) organised a free workshop on the Industrial Market Intelligence Portal (IMI Plus) at its headquarters in Doha, with the participation of representatives from public and private sector institutions and companies in the State of Qatar.

The workshop was delivered by GOIC experts who introduced the IMI Plus, its advantages and services that benefit investors in the industrial sector, in addition to businessmen, experts, researchers, journalists and others. The experts also explained how to use the IMI Plus dashboard to display and compare foreign trade and socio-economic data, in addition to information and output controls.

The IMI Plus is a unique regional database that includes six sections: Gulf industries, foreign trade, socio-economic indicators and investment opportunities in the Gulf. It also features several search and query options, in addition to the capacity to print reports. GOIC has indeed deployed successful efforts in creating and developing a comprehensive set of databases reflecting the socio-economic environment in GCC countries. It has given particular attention to developing data and making them accessible.

Furthermore, the IMI Plus features information about approximately 16000 factories operating in GCC countries and Yemen. It is a valuable source of information for investors, industrialists, analysts, experts and researchers who want to carry out informed researches, product market studies and feasibility studies. Based on this database, they can also target new customers, make sound commercial decisions and seek new industrial investment opportunities since it offers an overview on approximately 350 industrial investment opportunities.

Moreover, the IMI Plus is perceived as a valuable information bank that provides interested parties, researchers, investors and decision makers with accurate and updated data, in addition to government statistics and data used by industrial and socio-economic sectors in the region. The data are collected, collated and analysed by experts from the Industrial Information Department at GOIC who provide access to one of the most comprehensive, reliable and unique databases in the Gulf.

In addition to that, the IMI Plus offers detailed data about foreign industries and trade, and more than 400 industrial and socio-economic indicators in a matrix for the seven member states. It also allows determining the market size for a specific product, identifying commercial exchange between GCC countries and other countries all over the globe or according to country group classification and determining the trade balance between any GCC country and foreign countries. Furthermore, the IMI Plus features data about imports and exports, net imports, design capacities and market size for more than 4000 goods.

The Portal also allows users to identify names of factories, the size of their investments and their labour force according to the industrial activities in each country. It also includes information about the distribution of firms within the country according to industrial cities, industrial activities, design capacities of every product and every industrial activity within the country, and determining the evolution of industrial activities and analysing foreign trade data and other data.