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Who’s in the news again? Saudi Women! What are they up to now?

Few years ago, we barely heard anything at all about Saudi women.

Simply their opinions or activities weren’t reported.

This has changed dramatically.

Saudi women are all hogging the news today!

One day we hear they are allowed to drive, the other day they can watch movies while the next they occupy key jobs traditionally held by men.

What will they be doing next?

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High level appointees

If Agatha Christie is still alive she would be proud.

Saudi women will be recruited as investigators for the first time in the kingdom, said a media report on Monday.

“Vacancies are available for women’s positions on the staff of the public prosecution for the rank of lieutenant investigator,” the Saudi public prosecutor’s office announced in a statement.

Travelling to and from Saudi? You’ll need to go through these ladies.

Saudi Arabia’s passport department recently said it received 107,000 applications for 140 vacant positions for women at airports and border crossings.

If you want something governed well, hire a woman. A  Saudi Woman.

The Mayor of Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province, Fahd Bin Mohammed Al-Jubair, appointed a woman as Assistant Mayor of Al-Khobar Municipality on September 25, in order to support the rapid growth of malls and supermarkets in which women are working.

And count on them to keep financial and economic accounts too.

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NCB Capital Co-Chief Executive Officer Sarah Al Suhaimi became the first woman to chair Saudi Arabia’s stock exchange, the largest stock market in the Middle East.

Rania Nashar was named Chief Executive of Samba Financial Group becoming the first female CEO of a listed Saudi commercial bank and Latifa Al-Sabhan was appointed Chief Financial Officer of Arab National Bank (ANB).

Gym Buffs

Ever since Saudi authorities started granting licences for women’s only gyms, more of these fitness centers have opened.

Reuters revealed lately that Bahraini private equity firm Investcorp has decided to convert some of the fitness centres it part-owns in Saudi Arabia into women-only gyms.

“Recently, regulations were relaxed to allow women gyms. There’s tremendous demand, so we are re-purposing some of our existing gyms that used to be male-only to female-only,” Reuters reported Investcorp’s co-chief executive Rishi Kapoor as saying.

Emirates women, a news platform, said that workshops and seminars have also been launched last year in order to inspire women to invest in fitness facilities.

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Female sports fans cheering and booing

The Saudi Ministry of Information announced that sports stadiums in Saudi Arabia women attending football games in Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam for the first time ever, starting January.

According to the daily mail, Saudi women were seen last week for the first time cheering and waving flags as they enjoy their first ever football game.

“No other one prevents me from doing what I want. No other one decides what I want. I am the one who decides,” Nora was quoted as saying while being surrounded by women waving flags and cheering at the section of the stadium reserved for families.