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Green Valley real estate opens its regional office in Business Bay

Green Valley Real Estate is one of the UAE’s leading real estate companies. Known for its landmark projects of high value and quality, Green Valley is a prominent part of the UAE’s development sector. The company recently opened a new office in Business Bay, in Oxford Tower. The office in Business Bay will serve the region entirely.

Business Bay is already poised to become the leading business hub of the UAE, and holds promise for tremendous development and advancement. Oxford Tower is a commercial development situated in an exclusive area of the new business district in Dubai, Business Bay.

Established in 2004, the Green Valley Real Estate is among the leading companies in the real estate sector in the UAE. Among a repertoire of services it offers, it also provides residential and investment opportunities, in addition to opportunities for sale, re-sale or lease properties, alongside developing and constructing lands. Green Valley International Real Estate Group consists of a group of several companies in a conglomerate for the Real Estate Industry.

Ali Saeed Al Salami, General Manager of Green Valley International Real Estate, said, “The new office in Business Bay will be an all encompassing establishment. Given the extent to which Business Bay has evolved as the hub of all business endeavors in the region, it is without doubt an important extension of our pursuits in the market. We look forward to servicing all of the UAE from the palm of its business nerve centre.”

Renowned for its stellar quality and its reputation as a steady player in the real estate industry, it is the policy of Green Valley Real Estate to accomplish Real Estate brokers and to encourage development of various kinds through the employment of experienced contractors and highly skilled specialist subcontractors to achieve quality excellence consistent with all clients’ requirements, applicable codes and standards.

Green Valley Real Estate offers a range of services that include investment, re-sale and lease. Perfect for brokers and developers working to construct on land, Green Valley Real Estate brings highly skilled professionals to the table, to offer the best options for investment and sale. Green Valley functions with the goal of becoming the first choice Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) local and resident people, becoming the first real estate costumer’s satisfaction in the (GCC), becoming the first venue customer destination and to be different and more professional day after day of other companies. To this end, the establishment of the new office at Business Bay, in Oxford Towers, will put Green Valley Real Estate right in the epicentre of the UAE’s business world.