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Guardians of nation deserve exceptional gratitude: Al Katbi

In the context of ‘Thank You, the guardians of our nation’ initiative launched by His Highness Sheik Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum , the UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, to mark his accession to power on every fourth of January, H E Dr. Saif bin Markhan Al Ketbi, Director General of the Office of His Highness the Crown Prince of Dubai has extended sincere homage and gratitude towards the entire individuals of the armed forces.

“Obeying the order of our great ruler, we are accustomed to cancel all types of celebrations on the day of his accession to the power in order to remember the seamless efforts of the shields of our nation who put the protection of the nation in front of everything in their life,” Al Ketbi said.

“It is amazing to see the selection of the armed forces to be honoured in this ever memorable occasion of our country and people. His Highness always launched surprizing initiatives in each and every memorable occasion of our nation to motivate the most important segments of the society,” he said.

“Hence, on behalf of myself and the employees of the office of the HH crown prince of Dubai, I would salute all the members of armed forces and guardians of our country in this blessed occasion wishing them all success in achieving the goals of our nation in the context of increased threats and challenges from destructive forces around the world,” he further said.

“This honour comes amidst the rapid growth of the nation in spite of the short period after the independence of the UAE with the aim at encouraging everyone and the young generation in particular to join the campaign and thus support the national service people who deserve an excellent homage by all,” he added.