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Hale Education to bridge gap for GCC students seeking US university places

First-of-its-kind agreement between Hale Education and American Honors looks to grow GGC student numbers gaining seats at US-based universities

With demand for places from Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) students at top US-based universities increasing, ensuring those with the right credentials can get access to places has become the focus for Hale Education Group.

In partnership with American Honors, the two-year selective honors program, Hale seeks to boost the number of applicants by 50 percent, allowing more ambitious youngsters to attend the prestigious US university of their choice. The partnership will see Hale and American Honors support students in their education goals, and provide step-by-step support during the application process.

The partnership deals with a number of issues faced by GCC students, and their ability to access America’s top undergraduate programs: “Traditionally, GCC high school students have faced the triple problems of preparedness, affordability, and access to top U.S. universities, which will no longer be the case with our new initiative,” said Peter Davos, Managing Director of Hale Education.

The American Honors program, now in its fourth year of existence, has successfully placed students in Stanford, Georgetown, Cornell, and other leading American universities. Now, the region’s students will be able to benefit from this joint initiative.

To date, 89% of American Honors students have been accepted to their best fit, four-year institution, while over 96% have successfully completed the program and transferred into four-year universities. The selective program helps students earn a bachelor’s degree in four years by starting at select two-year community colleges before transferring to finish their degrees at premier institutions, which typically decreases the costs of earning a leading degree by 30%.

Once admitted to American Honors, students are immediately assigned a Transfer Advisor that works with them individually throughout the two years of the program in order to help each student achieve their transfer goals. Honors designated classes are conducted on the campuses of eight top two-year colleges in the U.S. and class sizes are limited to no more than 25 students. The total cost of attendance, which includes housing, is approximately $20,000 to $25,000 USD per year depending on the campus students select.

Michael Haines, American Honors’ VP of International Operations, stated “we did not invent the 2+2 transfer concept in the US; we simply revolutionized it.” Community colleges have long served as a pathway for students seeking to secure admission to leading programs at top universities, such as UCLA and UC Berkeley, but American Honors has taken the concept a step further. By creating a growing network of over sixty public and private universities, which includes MIT, Duke, Cornell, UCLA, Georgetown, Amherst, Georgia Tech, and many others, American Honors’ students can secure direct entry, access reserved places, or preferential application and scholarship review to these partner universities.

“As a first generation college student, I believe no one should be denied the opportunity to attend their dream university in the USA; American Honors now makes this both possible and affordable,” said Davos, a graduate of Johns Hopkins, Oxford, and Harvard. “The program does not require SAT scores for admission, and tuition costs are less than those of American University of Sharjah or American University in Dubai. Students in American Honors who are dedicated and maintain a minimum GPA are able to leverage its prestigious four-year transfer network and also apply to institutions outside its network,” he added.

“My dream of providing affordable access to the top universities in the USA is now possible through Hale’s partnership with American Honors and, together, we look forward to changing many thousands more lives,” he added.