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Hamad General Hospital opens Pediatric Continuity Clinic

The Pediatric Continuity Clinic is open Sunday to Thursday.

A Pediatric Continuity Clinic (PCC) has officially been opened in Hamad General Hospital’s (HGH) Outpatient Department by Hamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC) Managing Director, Hanan Al Kuwari, PhD.

The new clinic, which features eight themed treatment rooms, provides general outpatient continuity care for children, is staffed by a multi-disciplinary team of nurses, pediatricians, and medical residents, and compliments existing specialty pediatric clinics at the hospital. The PCC is open Sunday to Thursday from 7 am – 3 pm.

Parents and children who visit the PCC will likely be seen by the same medical team throughout their association with the clinic, including medical residents who are assigned patients that they maintain throughout their workplace training at the clinic.

The new continuity clinic is operated under a patient-centered care model, according to Dr Al Kuwari, who presided over a ribbon-cutting ceremony to inaugurate the facility.

“The patient-centered care model at the PCC means that patients will not have to move around from place to place. Instead, they are assigned a treatment room, where the nurse, doctor, pediatric specialist or medical resident comes to them,” said Al Kuwari.

“Children regularly visiting the clinic will be seen by the same multidisciplinary team over time, creating a closer relationship between the patient, family and their healthcare provider, and fostering familiarity and accumulated knowledge of a patient’s health history,” she added.

Doctor and resident training is also a feature of the new clinic, according to HMC’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer for Medical Education, Dr. Abdullatif Al Khal.

“We will be using the clinic as a base for a number of our doctors and resident pediatricians, who will gain valuable insight into the high quality of multidisciplinary care that HMC provides,” said Dr. Al Khal.

HMC Senior Consultant Pediatric Pulmonary Division, Professor Ibrahim Al Janahi, led the development of the PCC, and said the clinic’s services will be developed in three stages.

“The initial idea was for us to trial a one-stop shop for children, similar to the general practice medicine you see in other countries like the United States. Development of the clinic’s services will be in three stages: firstly, general pediatric medicine, the second stage will be regular check-ups to track growth and development, and thirdly, we will move into complex cases that require subspecialty medicine that we will service over long periods of time,” said Prof. Al Janahi.

Central to the introduction of the new clinic was the desire to enhance education for our doctors and residents, reflecting HMC’s position as a key driver of Qatar’s Academic Health System, Prof. Al Janahi added.

The new clinic provides a functioning environment for doctors’ learning and research with a layout that encourages ease of supervision and features a central multi-disciplinary workspace accessible by all the clinic rooms.