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Hamburg presents itself as a premium healthcare destination at

With the launch of the new website , the north German city of Hamburg is presenting a comprehensive information and service portal directed at health tourists from the Arab countries. The “Hamburg Healthcare” campaign is being launched during the “Arab Health” in Dubai, the world’s largest healthcare exhibition.

Promoting Hamburg as a premium Healthcare destination, the Hamburg Tourist Board created a new website with comprehensive information and services for Arabian guests and patients seeking medical treatment. The project was presented to the public during yesterday´s “North German Evening” in Dubai on the occasion of the “Arab Health”. The event was attended by Prof. Dr Hans-Jörg Schmidt-Trenz, CEO of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, and Hamad Buamim, President and CEO of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Dr. Amin Hussein Al Amiri, Assistant Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Health for the public health sector and licensing policy.

Prof. Dr Hans-Jörg Schmidt-Trenz, CEO of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, stated: “We are very happy about the new website, which the Hamburg Tourism Board has created in close cooperation with the Hamburg Ministry of Health and Consumer Protection and the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce. Hamburg’s healthcare industry offers services of the highest international standards. To highlight Hamburg’s qualities as a healthcare destination, we will continue to develop our commitment in the Arab Gulf states. We are addressing discerning customers who appreciate excellent quality and who wish to be well-informed prior to their journey. The new website plays a key role here as it provides our Arab guests with a gateway to Hamburg.”

The evening event was held on the occasion of the celebrations of the 350-year anniversary of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, which is the oldest chamber of commerce in Germany. The Hamburg Chamber of Commerce has maintained close collaboration with the Emirate of Dubai and the Dubai Chamber of Commerce for many years.

H.E. Hamad Buamim, stated: “Dubai Chamber has been working with Hamburg Chamber for close to a decade. They are one of our strongest international partners and we value their support and cooperation over the years.”
“I welcome the move to provide Arabic language information online about Hamburg’s healthcare services as part of the drive to increase smart services and enhanced cooperation with Dubai’s business community. This new facility will help Arab readers stay up-to-date with medical study and research, in addition to helping them find information about the treatments, clinics and hospitals available in Hamburg.” he added.

Healthcare Hamburg – all information and services on one website

The German city of Hamburg offers an excellent range of medical services, and the new website aims to highlight Hamburg’s ongoing internationalisation strategy also in the field of international healthcare tourism. The city’s network of major hospitals includes numerous world-renowned health experts who are dedicated to providing diagnosis and treatment for international patients.

Against this background, Healthcare Hamburg aims to provide prospective tourists and patients from the Arab Gulf states with clear, concise information on Hamburg as a healthcare location and destination. As well as serving as a comprehensive information and communication tool, the new website also offers guests to the city additional information on Hamburg and its tourist attractions.

The medical experts of Hamburg’s healthcare network are happy to meet the specific needs and requirements of international patients and are supported by highly professional international offices. The website addresses the entire range of research and planning that is needed with regard to the arrival and accommodation of health-related guests. In addition to featuring more than seven Hamburg hospitals ( Healthcare Hamburg also features service providers from the tourism sector. The Arabien-Pool, a marketing association of hotels in Hamburg, includes regional service providers that cater for the wishes of guests from the Arab Gulf states in particular (

Healthcare Hamburg is a cooperation project of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Healthcare and Consumer Protection Hamburg, under the auspices of the Hamburg Tourist Board.

Hamburg – a healthcare tourism location with international relevance

The maritime city of Hamburg is the ideal place to recuperate following medical treatment and to make full use of the broadest possible range of offers for relaxation and recovery during a medical stay. Also during the summer months, Hamburg is characterised by an airy climate, and it is one of the greenest metropolitan regions in Europe. The city’s numerous parks, green spaces, the Alster Lake and the River Elbe offer ample opportunities to relax on or near the water, and the city boasts countless touristic highlights.

Families and attendants of patients will find an unparalleled range of offers that will guarantee a relaxing and diverse vacation. Hamburg caters for anything from child- and family-friendly activities to shopping adventures, wellness treatments and sports. To learn more, please visit

Dietrich von Albedyll, CEO of Hamburg Tourism, comments: “Hamburg offers the highest standards as a destination for health-related travel – with excellent medical conditions and the sojourn quality of a northern European metropolitan region. Due to its long experience in the Arab world, Hamburg is perfectly suited to cater for Arab guests and their needs. What is more, Hamburg is easily accessible thanks to its direct air link with Dubai.”

Even now, Hamburg is very popular among guests from the Arab region: over the past five years, the number of guests and overnight stays from the Arab Gulf states in Hamburg has more than doubled.

Hamburg is regarded as one of the leading medical locations in Europe. With approximately 47 hospitals, the city offers the full spectrum for diagnosis and treatment of the highest standards and according to German quality criteria. Specialised and experienced physicians at Hamburg’s hospitals perform treatment on even the most complex and difficult of diseases. Hamburg’s hospitals have an excellent reputation in their fields of specialisation and employ physicians and health professionals of the highest international repute.

As well as boasting world-class medical care and countless touristic highlights, the location of Hamburg also stands out for its innovative and economically successful healthcare industry, which further contributes to the city’s international attractiveness. Between 2010 and 2013, the number of healthcare companies in Hamburg increased by approximately 15 percent. Today, approximately 7,000 companies are active in this industry sector. Hamburg is among the world’s top locations in the areas of medical technology and medical research in particular.

Hamburg at the Arab Health

When it comes to addressing international patients and tourists, the Arab Gulf states constitute an important market for Hamburg. For many years now, Hamburg has been present in Dubai with its own representative offices, and Hamburg actively promotes itself as a healthcare tourism location. 2012 saw the launch of the “Healthcare Industry Service Centre” in Dubai, a consultation and service centre operated by the city of Hamburg.

At the Arab Health, the world’s biggest healthcare exhibition, Hamburg will be presenting itself with a dedicated booth until 29 January 2015. The Hamburg booth gives the city’s leading healthcare and tourism experts the opportunity to promote their products and services, to network, and to advise clients and guests.

Hamburg’s presence at the “Arab Health” is supported by two medical experts from the new website’s network of specialists:
Oliver Mann, M.D. FACS, is one of Germany’s leading experts in bariatric surgery in the area of combating morbid obesity and one of the leading surgeons in Germany in the field of minimally invasive surgery, including robotic surgery. Prof. Mann is also Deputy Medical Director of the General, Visceral and Thoracic Surgery Department and Clinic, as well as Director of the Obesity Center Hamburg at the University Medical Center Hamburg (UKE).

Prof. Mann is joined by Dr med. Helene Renz from the Albertinen Hospital. The hospital houses one of the largest cardiovascular centres in Northern Germany, with renowned specialists in the fields of cardiology, cardiac surgery, and vascular surgery. Dr Renz evaluates medical reports in cooperation with the Albertinen Hospital’s head physicians and designs tailored treatment programmes for her patients. Dr Renz, who is proficient in German, English and Russian, provides expert advice and consultation for international patients from admission to discharge (

To learn more about Hamburg as a healthcare location and for further information on the above mentioned specialists and partners, please visit our new website at

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