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HEC Paris creates Research Office in Qatar

HEC Paris School of Management – a leading global business school ranked number 1 in Executive Education by the Financial Times, is widening its contribution towards the realization of a knowledge-based economy in Qatar beyond providing the world’s best executive education programs in the region by launching a Research Office in Qatar.

The Research Office, created with support from Qatar Foundation, will be sourcing potential funding from the Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF), Qatar Foundation Research & Development (QF R&D) as well as local and regional companies.

Among the activities that the Research Office will be focusing on are the development of pedagogical content such as the writing business case studies on local companies, innovative academic research leading to publications in prestigious journals, the facilitation of post doctorate and PhD student grants and fellowships, collaboration with academic and business communities in Qatar, and the organization of ‘Focus on Research’ events, workshops and conferences.

“The creation of the Research Office in Qatar by HEC Paris is another significant milestone to develop local and regional content in terms of best practices, knowledge, and expertise to help business and government leaders to meet the demands and challenges of today’s highly globalized economies,” said Professor Laoucine Kerbache, Chief Executive Officer and Academic Dean of HEC Paris in Qatar. “In order to provide best and next best conceptual and practical frameworks in management to the academic and the business communities, HEC faculty in Paris (GREGHEC research center) and in Qatar (new Research Office) are committed to develop highly competitive research in collaboration with other international research teams,” he added.

One of the ambitious research projects recently funded by QNRF includes that of Andrea Masini – an Associate Professor at the Operations Management & Information Technology of HEC Paris.

Professor Masini’s first research project, which is a collaboration between HEC Paris and FIKRA Research and Policy – a Doha based consultancy firm – studies incentive mechanisms to support the diffusion of sustainable energy solutions such as renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency initiatives. The project combines empirical and modelling work to examine the supply and demand side of the renewable energy industry.

The second research project, which is being undertaken by HEC Paris, the Swiss research lab Ordecsys and FIKRA Research and Policy, focuses on smart grids and their potential application to the Qatar reality to reduce the country’s carbon footprint. The goal of the project is to apply optimization models to determine the optimal country energy mix while at the same time taking into account local specificities and consumer behavior.

“Such projects are undoubtedly a testament of HEC Paris’ ability to conduct cutting-edge research with important strategic and managerial implications for Qatar’s economy,” Masini said. “They also represent a fantastic opportunity for our research team – which includes Sam Aflaki and Joseph Nehmé and several of HEC Paris’ PhD students – to become regular visitors to the country and appreciate its research-friendly environment and impressive facilities.”

HEC Paris recently held an information session at its home campus inviting its top researchers to develop research proposals of value to Qatar and in support of the Qatar National Vision 2030.

HEC Paris was ranked number five in Europe for research in management by the influential UK-based Financial Times newspaper.

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