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HEC Paris to hold masterclass session on Business Model Innovation

The masterclass is open to the public but prior registration is required as seats are limited.

HEC Paris, ranked number two in the world for Executive Education by the influential UK-based Financial Times in 2015, will be organizing a masterclass on Business Model Innovation on 3 June 2015 from 6 – 9 PM, at its premises in Tornado Tower.

Targeting HEC Paris Executive MBA participants, the masterclass session will be conducted by its Marketing guru Prof. Frédéric Dalsace, Associate Professor of Marketing and Academic Director of the EMBA program. During the session, Prof. Dalsace will be defining Business Model Innovation and illustrating how this relatively new concept has been developed using specific examples.

“Business Model Innovation is a concept that encompasses innovation at the value proposition, value architecture and profit equation levels,” Prof. Dalsace said. “Unlike traditional innovation approaches that focus on developing new products, this new concept covers a wider scope and presents a relatively bigger advantage in terms of performance or cost in comparison to existing ones”.

“In recent times, a huge number of companies have been dropping from the ranks of being the most valuable brands, the most admired companies or simply the largest companies in their respective industries due to complacency,” Prof. Dalsace explained. “In a rapidly changing business environment wherein the high-speed flow and access to information by consumers can greatly impact perception, image and branding of companies, big or small, old or new, relentless innovation is the name of the game if companies want to succeed or even just survive. Accordingly, those that have already shifted to Business Model Innovation include some of the most successful companies today.”

Prof. Dalsace holds a M.Sc. degree from HEC Paris and an MBA with honors from the Harvard Business School. He also has both an M.Sc. and a Ph.D. in Management from INSEAD.

Prof. Dalsace’s works have been published in academic journals such as the Strategic Management Journal, Harvard Business Review and Business Horizons. An article that he co-authored with Muhammad Yunus, David Menascé and Bénédict Faivre-Tavignot titled ‘Reaching the Rich World’s Poorest Consumers’ was recently published by the Harvard Business Review in its March 2015 issue under the Economics & Society section.

The masterclass is open to the public but prior registration is required as seats are limited.