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Hellofood partners with Tkiyet Um Ali to enable users donate food online

Hellofood, the leading online food delivery marketplace in the Middle East, has partnered with Tkiyet Um Ali this Ramadan to encourage its users to feed families in need.

Under its “hellofood, hello happiness” campaign, the online food delivery portal offers users an innovative way to donate online while ordering food with a simple click.

The online delivery portal offers a selection of food parcels varying in price and size to feed families of 10, 7, 5 or 2 members for a whole month. It also offers users to buy a meal to feed one fasting person in need.

Managing Director Beschir Hussain says “As a leader in the field of online food delivery, hellofood leads by example through enabling its customers to help those in need in this blessed month, using their computers or smartphones at anytime and from anywhere to spread happiness among the underprivileged.”

For his part, Samer Balkar, Director General at Tkiyet Um Ali, said the Tkiyet looks forward to a fruitful partnership with Hellofood to reach its target of a hunger-free Jordan.

“We see this ‘out-of-the-box’ method in collecting donations as a means to encourage all members of the community to pitch in, as we work together to secure food for 20,000 Underprivileged families under the poverty line by the end of this year though out the Kingdom.,” Balkar added.

As an innovator in the business of food delivery, hellofood has now become an innovator in community service as well, showing its users how they can help those in need and spreading a sense of social solidarity among all segments of society.