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HEMPEL inaugurates latest showrooms in Jeddah and Khamis Mushait

HEMPEL Paints announced the opening of its showrooms in Jeddah and Khamis Mushait. The openings fall in line with the company’s latest innovative approach towards displaying and offering paint to consumers and come as part of HEMPEL’s expansion strategy, comprising of 24 new showroom openings across the Kingdom.

Mohamad Baitie, Regional Brand Manager at HEMPEL Paints explained, “The Jeddah showroom on Siteen Street has been operating for 10 years, but has been renovated to create a better consumer experience.”

He further stated, “Both showrooms excel in offering interior products. HEMPEL’s sales teams have been trained on the importance of colors, each color’s effect on the various designs, how to deal with colors and the purpose of each color. They’ve also been trained to help consumers select the best color scheme that suits their interiors”.

“HEMPEL’s showroom in Khamis Mushait spans across 400 square meters. It follows HEMPEL’s latest approach and contains specialized and innovative products. We are also currently working on opening new showrooms in Riyadh, Dammam and Qassim in order to be closer to all of our customers across the Kingdom.”

HEMPEL is widely considered as one of the best decorative paints providers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, its products are currently being used in villas, residential, commercial units and stadiums. This is in addition to its use in public buildings such as schools, hospitals and airports.

HEMPEL serves the decorative paints market via its numerous showrooms and directly supplies its major customers in the various institutions and construction companies operating in the Kingdom. It also provides decorative paints to all its consumers via a network of independent distributors in the Kingdom.

The company launched its first factory in the Kingdom forty years ago, and in February inaugurated the largest decorative paints factory in the Middle East in Jeddah, covering 7500 square meters and producing 32 million liters annually.

HEMPEL was first launched in 1915 by J.C. Hempel who introduced the idea of marine paints. The company then witnessed tremendous growth and development, leading it to become one of the biggest suppliers of Marine, Protective and Decorative paints in the world.

Currently, HEMPEL Paints operates 24 factories and 49 sales offices. This is in addition to having two main headquarters and six regional research & development centers and more than 150 storage facilities in strategic locations across the globe.

HEMPEL’s services and solutions also cover five main sectors in the decorative, protective, marine, container and yacht markets.