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HMC holds second Qatar Orthopedic Research Day

This year’s research day embraced the theme of “Outcome Measures in Orthopedic Surgery.”

Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) recently hosted the second annual Qatar Orthopedic Research Day (QORD) to support high-quality orthopedic research and discuss innovative ideas in orthopedic injury and illness prevention.

Following the success of the first QORD, this year’s research day embraced the theme of “Outcome Measures in Orthopedic Surgery.”

More than 100 healthcare professionals including senior consultants, specialists and residents in orthopedic surgery convened at the event which showcased a total of 12 research and audit projects.

The day featured Dr. James Wright, a world-renowned expert in orthopedic surgery and Senior Research Fellow from the University of Oxford. Dr. Wright has held several key research titles and was the former associate editor of the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery in the United States.

Head of the Orthopedic Surgery Department and Director of the Bone and Joint Center at HMC, Dr. Mohammed Al Ateeq Al Dosari, said that the event reflects the commitment of the department to achieve orthopedic excellence through continual clinical research, surgical training and medical education.

“At the Orthopedic Surgery department, we are driven by the key principle to teach and to learn. The annual research day is guided by this very idea so we are able to implement evidence-based practices and offer the best possible care to our patients. The research and education efforts carried out by the department are rooted in improving health outcomes for the population of Qatar,” Dr. Al Dosari said.

According to Dr. Al Dosari, many injuries observed in orthopedic surgery can be prevented easily. “The department is advocating for injury prevention rather than treatment. This is part of our commitment to contribute to the safety of the environment around us by teaching staff and also educating the public on ways to prevent injury.”

He mentioned that this is evident through the department’s ongoing efforts to prevent child disease and road traffic safety, which are two national priority areas. Another major area the department is looking into is the prevalence of osteoarthritis in Qatar, which is one of the most common conditions in the older population and causes joints to become painful.

Dr. Talal Ibrahim, Chair of Research and Audit Committee and Senior Consultant at Orthopedic Surgery Department said: “The main aim of the QORD is to create an environment to foster orthopedic research in Qatar. We hope that the participants have learned the key elements in research and this will in turn enhance the quality of orthopedic research produced locally.”

Dr. Al Dosari stated that the event will consolidate the department’s research efforts and foster future collaboration between HMC and world’s leading international centers of excellence.

He said that there has been continual collaboration between the department and the key speaker from last year’s research day, Professor Mohit Bhandari, who is a distinguished expert in orthopedic surgery from McMaster University, Canada.

“We also conducted research clinics at the department earlier this year and conducted a research course for orthopedic residents and specialists in October, which was led by Professor Bhandari,” Dr. Al Dosari noted.