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HMC hosts advanced workshop on Male Fertility and In Vitro Fertilization

The event convened more than 300 IVF experts from 30 countries around the world.

Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) and the Cleveland Clinic Foundation recently organized a conference, which included an advanced workshop on male fertility laboratory and in vitro fertilization (IVF).

The event, which took place earlier this month, convened more than 300 IVF experts from 30 countries around the world. Among the prominent participants where Dr. Ashok Agarwal and Dr. Botros Rizk from the US, Dr. Medhat Amer and Dr. Aly Hossam Mowafy from Egypt, Dr. Ana Cobo, from Spain, Dr. Basak Balaban from Turkey, Dr. Stefan S du Plessis from South Africa, and Dr. Rupin Shah from India.

Conference Chairman and Head of Urology Department at HMC, Dr. Khalid Al Rumaihi, said: “This is the first time a conference of this kind has been held in Qatar and also the first such to be held outside the US. The conference saw the participation of renowned experts in the field of male and female fertility, and reproductive medicine.”
An advanced workshop was also held alongside the conference featuring a total of 14 training sessions covering latest techniques in infertility management.

The workshop presented the latest in current trends and challenges in urology. It also highlighted insights on protocols and latest technology and provided an opportunity to participants to gain hands-on training related to human assisted reproduction techniques (ART) and infertility management.

A variety of topics were covered during the conference including: advancements in fertility and reproductive medicine, quality improvement in IVF laboratory performance, measuring the success of quality control in IVF laboratories, and modern techniques in sperm selection for IVF procedures, among others.

Head of the Male Infertility Unit at HMC, Dr. Sami Al Said, spoke about clinical implications of abnormal genetics in male patients and on hormonal stimulation, highlighting best management strategies for such patients.

Dr. Mohamed Arafa, Consultant at HMC’s Male Infertility Unit lectured on sperm stimulation, the selection of ideal sperm using laser technology, and genetic abnormalities in male infertility treatment.

Dr. Haitham El Bardisi, Consultant at HMC’s Male Infertility Unit also presented on sperm DNA fragmentation and effective treatment techniques for sperm irregularities.