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HMC and QU to host World Nuclear University School on Radiation Technology in Qatar

The Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Department at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), in collaboration with Qatar University (QU), will be hosting the 3rd World Nuclear University School on Radiation Technologies (WNU-RT), from 7th to 20th March, at Hamad Bin Khalifa Medical City. The two-week leadership program will be held in Qatar for the first time and will provide selected local and international radiation professionals in the field of healthcare, industry and radiation protection an opportunity to benefit from an intensive overview of nuclear technologies worldwide.

The WNU-RT school is organized every two years by WNU Coordinating Centre in London, under the auspices of several leading institutes of nuclear education and training. The school is provided technical support from the World Council on Isotopes as well as scholarships from International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

“This year the scientific committee of WNU-RT school accepted 64 participants to attend the program in Qatar. Forty percent of the participants are from Qatar and the rest are from 28 different countries around the world,” said Dr. Huda Al Naemi, Executive Director of OHS at HMC.

Dr. Naemi, who has previously attended the first WNU-RT school, held in Korea in 2010, said, “This is a very exciting opportunity for selected HMC physicians, radiologists and specialists, as well as other local healthcare professionals in the radiation field, as they will not only attend a world class radiation program, but also gain from a unique platform which will stimulate discussions and a multitude of ideas pertinent to radioisotope application.”

“Latest available research on radiation will be shared during the various workshops and lectures at the school and that will certainly boost the spirit of those interested in this area of research locally, and encourage them to engage in research,” Dr. Naemi noted. “The school will include focused workshops, which will allow practitioners to be creative in this field and utilize their problem-solving and critical thinking skills to think about current problems the world is facing regarding nuclear energy.”
Some of the topics that will be covered during the school include: development of nuclear technologies in the Gulf region, international safety regime and lessons learned from past radiological accidents, security of nuclear materials and nuclear facilities, and setting up radioisotope production and application program.

Professor Ilham Al-Qaradawi, Professor of Physics at QU and a member of the Advisory Committee for the WNU-RT school, who has been lecturing at the WNU Summer Institute (a longer school related to nuclear power that was established in 2007) said, “Holding this school in Qatar will facilitate cooperation and collaboration with the World Nuclear University (WNU), which is a prestigious organization in the field of nuclear radiation. It is run by another world class organization – the World Nuclear Association (WNA) – and so this interaction will be very beneficial to Qatar as it will open the doors to more exposure and collaboration regarding nuclear technology.”

Professor Al-Qaradawi emphasized that the structure of the school relies on lectures by top speakers in the field every morning and group discussions in the afternoon. “It is a great networking event,” she added.

Several international and local dignitaries are expected to attend the opening ceremony of the school, including Dr. Hanan Al Kuwari, Managing Director of HMC; Professor Shaikha Al-Misnad, President of QU; Agneta Rising, Director General, WNA; Dr. Daud Mohamad, Deputy Director General, of IAEA; Richard Banati, Head of Integrative Biology, Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation.

As part of the activities during the school, technical visits to PET CT Center at National Center for Cancer Care & Research (NCCCR) and other visits for Qatar oil and gas sites are also being planned. Additionally, international attendees at the school will be taken for sightseeing visits around Qatar.

“Prior to the opening ceremony, we will have an orientation day to give international participants a broad idea of what our culture is like. We are proud of our beautiful country and the outstanding facilities we have here, including a world-class healthcare organization such as HMC,” Dr. Naemi noted.

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