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HMC’s Trauma Center celebrates seventh anniversary

Leaders and multi-disciplinary staff from across Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) recently gathered to celebrate the seventh anniversary of the Trauma Center at Hamad General Hospital (HGH) and to participate in the third Trauma Multidisciplinary Critical Care Educational Day.

The event highlighted the successes of the Trauma Center since its establishment in 2007, and the importance of teamwork among multi-disciplinary professionals providing care to severely injured patients. Qatar is one of the first countries outside the United States to have established a complete specialist trauma system.

“In 2006, HMC’s leadership decided to transform HGH into a Level 1 Trauma Center due to a perceived need to change the way severely injured patients were cared for,” said Dr. Hassan Al Thani, Head of Trauma and Vascular Surgery at HMC. “Our Trauma Center has since been recognized locally and internationally, including by the World Health Organization, for our success in advancing the care of severely injured patients. This success would not be possible without the strong support of HMC’s leadership and the hard work and dedication of our multi-disciplinary trauma team.”

Dr. Al Thani said that within five years of the Trauma Center’s establishment, HMC had recorded a significant reduction in deaths among severely injured patients, as well as in the length of hospital stay for trauma patients. He added: “Our vision is to have a national trauma system with a well-distributed statewide structure of acute care hospitals and other facilities as members of a system that will become a model for all trauma centers across the Middle East and beyond.”

Dr. Ahmad Zarour, HMC’s Director of Trauma Critical Care Unit was master of ceremony at the anniversary celebration. Congratulatory speeches were made by: Dr. Yousuf Al Maslamani, Medical Director, HGH; Mr. David Astley, Chief of Tertiary Hospitals Group, HMC; Ms. Colene Daniel, Chief Executive Director, HGH and Deputy Chief of Tertiary Hospitals Group; and Dr. Mohamed El Tawil, Assistant Director for Graduate Medical Education at HMC’s Department of Medical Education.

Dr. Zarour said: “The Trauma Center team is led by trauma surgeons and composed of multi-disciplinary professionals who collaborate closely to provide seamless care for trauma patients from the time a patient is picked up by Ambulance Service paramedics, throughout the patient’s hospitalization, discharge and outpatient care.”

Mr. Nel Balquin, a patient who was treated under the transformed trauma system for severe injuries he sustained from being hit by a car as a pedestrian, also spoke at the event to thank the multi-disciplinary trauma team for not giving up on their efforts to treat and rehabilitate him until he was able to walk again.

“Being cared for by a Level 1 Trauma Center has been shown to significantly increase a severely injured patient’s chances of survival,” said Ms. Holly Hepp, Trauma Program Manager at HMC. She added that as part of continuous efforts to achieve the highest standards of trauma care, HMC’s Trauma Center has begun the process of seeking Level 1 Trauma Distinction from Accreditation Canada International.

Participants also listened to speakers on the multi-disciplinary management of pelvic fractures. Pelvic fractures are common among patients with multiple traumatic injuries and are associated with increased risk of death among trauma patients. Speakers included Mr. Casey Walker, Ambulance Service Critical Care Paramedic; Dr. Mohamed Ellabib, Senior Consultant at Trauma Surgery Section; Dr. Venugopal Chavan, Consultant at Radiology Department; Ms. Heba Shehada, HGH’s Trauma Intensive Care Unit Head Nurse; Dr. Yasir Jameel Ahmed, Fellow at HMC’s Orthopedics Surgery Department; and Mr. Kamel Zarour, Physiotherapist.