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Hormann launches innovative industrial sectional doors at Big 5 2015

SPU F 42 Plus and ALR 67 Thermo with innovative trip-free threshold wicket door

Hormann Middle East, the market leading industrial, commercial and residential door manufacturer marks its presence at the Big 5 exhibition this year with two new advanced products for the industrial sector- ALR 67 Thermo and SPU F 42 Plus Sectional doors.

“Big 5 is a great platform to showcase our new innovative products,” remarked Darius Khanloo, managing director at Hormann Middle East.

“This is the seventh year of our participation and we have introduced two new industrial sectional doors. Hormann sectional doors are capable of fulfilling nearly every requirement for commercial or industrial application. Strong, reliable, insulated, made to order, engineered to perfection and best of all, very economical, it is one of the best types of doors to consider for industrial buildings,” he added.

ALR 67 Thermo
For ALR 67 Thermo, the aluminium profiles have a thermal break and offer optimum thermal insulation while letting in the maximum of natural light. The ALR 67 Thermo with optional climatic glazing and ThermoFrame decreases the thermal insulation value by approx. 55 % to up to 1.6 W/(m²·K).

The bottom door section as standard with PU infill and aluminium sheet cover, both sides Stucco-textured. Optionally, the door is available fully glazed without surcharge. For higher thermal insulation requirements, the ALR 67 Thermo Glazing is available with thermal break profiles, depth 67 mm.

The ALR 67 Thermo Glazing is especially suited for heated sales areas. The aluminium profiles have a thermal break and offer optimum thermal insulation while letting in maximum levels of natural light. The ALR 67 Thermo Glazing with optional climatic glazing and ThermoFrame decreases the thermal insulation value to a maximum of 1.7 W/(m²·K). This helps save valuable energy.

Conversely, the wicket door with extra-flat stainless steel threshold ensures easier passage of pedestrians. The threshold rail is only 10 mm high in the middle and 5 mm high at the edges, reducing the risk of tripping considerably and making it easier to wheel things through. Under certain circumstances, Hormann wicket doors with trip-free threshold can even be used as escape doors and for barrier-free construction.

SPU F 42
The SPU F42 is a 42mm thick double skinned steel sectional door available in a stucco textured surface or micrograin surface finish. It has excellent thermal insulation with a HCFC free polyurethrane rigid foam core providing installed U values as low as 1.0 W/m2K.

Power-driven Hormann industrial sectional doors with WA 400 and ITO 400 operators are equipped with a self-monitoring closing edge safety device with optosensors as standard. The light grille can also be optionally integrated into the frame. These solutions offer increased safety, faster door action and lower inspection and maintenance costs.

As standard, the glazing frames are produced using high-quality aluminum extrusion profiles that are designed for robust industrial and commercial day-to-day work.

The Thermo profiles with thermal breaks on the interior and exterior are the first choice where the thermal insulation of the building is important. The 67-mm Thermo profile with 3 chamber system is delivered with triple glazing as standard. The 42 mm profile is offered with double glazing as standard. Other glass variants, e.g. climatic glass or synthetic quadruple pane, can further increase the energy efficiency.

The surface finish of the sections of steel doors or doors with bottom sections is based on hot galvanized sheet steel and a high-adhesion primer coating that protect the door against adverse effects of the weather.

PU-foamed sectional doors are available either with 42 mm depth or with sections with thermal break and 67 mm depth. For both versions, the door appearance is 100 % matching.