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HRH, Governor of Al Dereiah honors Al-Jazeera Paints

KSA's Al-Jazeera Paints participates in the race for the second year respectively.

HRH Prince Ahmad bin Abdullah bin Abdul Rahman Al Saud, the Governor of Al Dereiah honors Al-Jazeera Paints for sponsoring the ‘I Run For My Health’ Race for the second year respectively which was organized by several governmental bodies in the governorate with an initiative and managing of the Educational Office there. Eng. Majed Al Qahtani, Al-Jazeera Paints Business Development Engineer received the trophy on behalf of the company.

Sponsoring of this race by Al-Jazeera Paints comes from its social responsibility as a leading national company. Its role surpasses the provision of high quality products and the best services to its clients. The company strives to contribute in the progress of the society and its prosperity and this is manifested in its participation in many proactive activities all over the homeland.

The race which is completed over three phases guardians of the students as well as for all three educational stages; elementary, intermediary and secondary schools, aims to enhance national values along with exercising positive and healthy individual habits. It also aims to encourage human interaction with the spirit of sport, honorable competition and high morals.

Moreover, it seeks to instill the love of sport for all and the care for physical and psychological health. It is also a part of the social activities that is executed by the Educational Office in the governorate with full support of HRH, the Governor of Al Dereiah at the aim of intercommunicating with the local community. It is seen as a good model for the programs and actions executed by the office in dealing with the society outside of schools premises that complements its mission and vision of extending its role to include extra curriculum activities.

The race took place under the supervision of the organizing committee and the winners received their prizes from His highness Prince Ahmad bin Abdullah bin Abdul Rahman Al Saud, the Governor of Al Dereiah. Among the attendance were the Director of the Educational Office Mr. Fawaz bin Muhammad Al Dawwod, the Assistant for Educational Affairs Mr. Saad Alshunaiber, the Assistant for Schools Affairs Mr. Saad Alqarni, the Supervisors, Schools Principals, Director of activity management Dr. Anwar Abu Abaah, the Head Department of Physical Education, Educational Office Mr. Ali Al Sha’lan in Riyadh, Al Dereiah Police Chief, Security Patrols Chief, Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center Chief, along with Physical Education Teachers in Al Dereiah Schools and a number of government and local officials.