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iADEC application receives two awards

he Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) received the award of the World Summit for Mobile Applications 2014 and an Appreciation Award from the First Forum for the Best Social Awareness Experiences and Smart Applications organized by the Dubai Police.

ADEC’s winning application is called “i-ADEC” – a mobile application developed as an external portal not only for ADEC staff but also for parents and community members. The application provides school search capabilities, access to latest ADEC publications, news, and videos and allows users to send concerns and suggestions to ADEC’s central operations in different multimedia formats.

Dr. Alaa Eldin Aly, ADEC’s Knowledge Management Division Manager, said that ADEC participates in awards in order to promote creativity and excellence. “We are keen to introduce the latest technologies that help offer quality services to our customers. This comes in line with transformation into smart government as envisioned by our prudent leadership.”

He added: “iADEC is a key step to foster effective communication with the community using smart devices which has become an integral part of our daily life and used in accomplishing various tasks.”

iPhone and Android versions of the application are bilingual and offer multiple services, while allowing users to find a school and browse its general information.

It detects a GPS location and allows users to offer their feedback and interact with ADEC. The application has received international awards for being user-friendly and offering useful features.

ADEC received a special invitation to participate in the First Forum for the Best Social Awareness Experiences and Smart Applications in order to showcase its smart applications used in raising social awareness among community members, parents on educational and student safety areas.

The forum aimed to shed light on local experiences and establish partnerships with all government and private entities to raise awareness using smart applications.

The award of the World Summit for Mobile Applications 2014, organized by Dubai Economic Council in partnership with S B I Group and with support from Dubai Internet City, is yet another appreciation of ADEC’s smart applications.

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