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IKCO begins exporting products to Algeria

all IKCO’s commitments would be accomplished including exporting of vehicles by end of 2016.

Iran Khodro has begun exporting vehicles to Algeria as part of a memorandum of understanding siged between two sides.

IKCO Deputy CEO for Export, Saeed Tafazzoli said that the MoU include some items such as exporting 15 thousand vehicles to Algeria and establishing a production line in the country.

He noted that by the end of 2016, all IKCO’s commitments would be accomplished including exporting of vehicles.

Tafazzoli said as of the beginning of 2017, Algerian government will ban importing vehicles assembled outside the country.

“As a result, IKCO would supply Algeria with vehicles assembled in that country. To this end, we have three options: First and foremost, moving our production line in Senegal to Algeria, moving Bardo (previous IKCO’s pick-up) production line to Algeria and finally establishing a new production line in the country,” he said.

Speaking at a joint press conference with IKCO’s dealership head in Algeria, he said IKCO’s new production line would be established in a region about 300 KMs away from the capital Algiers with a production capacity of 30 thousand vehicles each year through CKD technology.