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IMA concludes 2015 GCC Road Show

The road show also covered issues critical to the finance practice, with a focus on risk management and financial planning

IMA (Institute of Management Accountants) is proud to announce that its regional road show – a six-day event held earlier this month, during November 2-10, was a resounding success, gathering more than 600 participants across six cities in the GCC (Dubai, Riyadh, Jeddah, Manama, Kuwait, and Doha).

Presented under one common theme, ‘Raise the bar. Shape your future today!’, the event effectively highlighted the value of the CMA qualification and the diverse career opportunities available to management accountants.

The CMA (Certified Management Accountant) is the top global professional qualification in corporate financial management and management accounting that prepares candidates with the critical knowledge and skills needed in business today, whilst also unlocking greater career potential.

During the road show, young professionals were able to interact directly with IMA representatives and benefit from first-hand advice on numerous topics of interest to them: from questions around the CMA examination, to the benefits and the global employment opportunities offered to CMA certified management accountants.

“I am very proud that our road show was so well received and attended, and our message echoed throughout the region,” said Dennis Whitney, CMA, Senior VP, IMA.

“Today, many young Arab graduates give a lot of thought to their professional careers and lives. With guidance and support, management accounting can be a key part of their careers’ considerations set. Our goal at IMA is to foster and prepare these new generations of finance professionals, in order to meet the increasing regional demand for qualified talent,” concluded Whitney, who was also the event’s keynote speaker.

The road show also covered issues critical to the finance practice, with a focus on risk management and financial planning, which are both key competencies for management accountants, as trusted business advisors, and key factors in achieving sustainable growth for the region’s economy.

Dennis Whitney also elaborated on the topic of financial planning and the integration of risk management into all levels of strategic planning, with a dedicated presentation, ‘Strategy Setting and Business Planning‘, wherein he tackled the importance of execution in driving business performance, in a context characterized by complexity, velocity of change, globalization of change and uneven economic growth.

Presented in partnership with John Wiley, the global provider of knowledge and knowledge-enabled services, including IMA’s official CMA test-prep suite, and Morgan International, the Platinum IMA CMA approved provider, the road show offered several incentives to participants: a full CMA scholarship (tuition fees), courtesy of Morgan International, an IMA membership, and a set of CMA materials, courtesy of Wiley.