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Imdaad to celebrate ‘Enviro Care Month’

With recycling collection initiative for its employees

Imdaad, a leading provider of integrated facilities and waste management solutions in the GCC, has announced the implementation of a recycling collection initiative for its employees as part of its celebration for the annual eco-awareness event, ‘Enviro Care Month.’ For the whole of October, the company will place recycling stations where employees can drop off recyclable items like paper, cardboard, newspapers, old directories and magazines; plastic bottles and bags; aluminum and tin cans; glass bottles; electronic waste (i.e. computers, phones, scanners, toners, etc.) and scrap metals.

Jamil Lootah, Chief Executive Officer, Imdaad, said, “Imdaad joins the whole world in celebrating ‘Enviro Care Month’ and to make this event more meaningful, we are again running a recycling collection campaign to help make our employees more aware of the significant benefits and advantages to be gained from recycling waste materials. Looking to attract more participation this year, we are offering attractive prizes to employees who will be turning the largest amount of recyclable materials. Initiatives like this not only reflect our continuing commitment towards helping preserve the environment but also show our keenness in keeping the local community more informed of eco-saving programs like waste recycling.”

Imdaad senior executives have explained that this year’s recycling activity is aimed at instilling increased awareness on how certain items can be recycled and put to better use, while at the same time, leave less of an impact or carbon footprint on the environment.

During the campaign, Imdaad recycling stands will be stationed from 7:00 AM to 8:00 AM daily to receive the recyclable items.

The collection team will weigh the received items and provide a receipt for the participating employee. At the end of October, the recycled quantities will be summarized and employees with the largest amount of items donated will receive exciting prizes. Winners will be based on recyclable items collected from their respective homes, however, a special set of consolation prizes will also go to the employee with the highest quantity of recycled items collected from Imdaad offices.