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Industry and Commerce Minister chaired the 4th meeting of the National Committee for the World Trade Organization

Industry and Commerce Minister Mr. Zayed bin Rashed Alzayani chaired the 4th meeting of the National Committee for the World Trade Organization in the presence of members and representatives of government agencies and private sector.

During the meeting, they discussed a number of topics on the agenda, and in particular the outcome of the ninth WTO ministerial conference held in Bali, Indonesia during the period from December 3-6 2013, where the conference discussed a number of trade agreements on trade facilitation and multilateral international trading system.

The importance of trade facilitation was confirmed, as all members of the WTO, which now includes 160 countries, supported it. Bahrain has supported trade facilitation negotiations since the sixth WTO conference in Hong Kong in 2005.

They also reviewed the results of the National Conference to evaluate Bahrain’s readiness to implement trade facilitation which was organized by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme such as: WTO, ICT, UNCTAD and a number of international trade advisors during 29-30 of October 2014.

Then they discussed a number of special topics of the 37 meeting of the WTO Committee of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

In regard to the periodic notifications to the WTO, the department of Foreign Trade in the Ministry as a (notification point) at the World Trade Organization is coordinating with responsible authorities in Bahrain to set up notifications required to be submitted to the World Trade Organization.