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Injaz Bahrain continues “INNOVATION CAMP”

Injaz Bahrain held its third INNOVATION CAMP- (I CAMP) under the sponsorship of ALBA at the ALBA Club.

The third I-Camp had 11 teams participating from Khawla Secondary Girls School. During the closing ceremony, the winning team received the trophy from Mr. Abdulrahman Janahi– Administration Director in ALBA based on the scores provided by the judging panel.

The Innovation Day Camp one-day events are designed to challenge students to find innovative solutions to real business challenges using creativity, teamwork, leadership, critical thinking, and presentation skills in order to learn about business start-ups in a fun and interactive way.

Commenting on the program, Shaikha Hessa Bint Khalifa AlKhalifa, the Executive Director of INJAZ Bahrain said “We are really pleased to have implemented the third I-Camp in partnership with Khawla Secondary Girls School and ALBA, who have been long-time supporters of INJAZ Bahrain programs. This program allows us to give the students the opportunity to learn how to utilise important characteristics for entrepreneurs and business owners, of which effective communication through team work activities, fast and concise decision making, as well as adaptability and flexibility in facing challenges, are part of the skills portfolio that the students would need in order to grow and develop.”

Abdulrahman Janahi, ALBA Administration Director applauded INJAZ Bahrain for hosting innovative programs and workshops that prepare the youth to be able to enter the labour market by immersing them in activities that simulates conditions for real businesses working in Bahrain’s market. He mentioned that ALBA is proud to have partnered with INJAZ Bahrain in a number of programs such as More than Money, Job Shadow, It’s my business, and Entrepreneurship Master Class.

The third I-camp brought students from Khawla School together and served as a creative, educational and entertaining platform to share and develop ideas. As part of the event, students were divided into teams that competed against each other through a set of educational activities and recreational games. In addition, students were also given a business challenge to which they have had to propose a solution within a very limited time using specific tools, information and resources.

During the event, students were also given the opportunity to experience a real-life simulation of the local business environment, and the needed spirit of entrepreneurship in order to succeed in it. They have also had the chance to develop their interpersonal as well as problem-solving skills, in addition to learning how to work under very tight deadlines.

Students that showcased their business plan were evaluated by an independent panel of judges, who assessed each team’s performance against set criteria, which includes their Team Work, Presentation Skills, a 2 minute elevation pitch before an audience, and their final business plan. During the closing ceremony of the event, the judges announced the winner who was awarded the “I Camp” trophy.

The workshops that took place at the event were also delivered by trained corporate volunteers from the private sector, which enabled the students to learn from business veterans about how the market functions and behaves and what are the necessary traits needed to adapt to it.

INJAZ Bahrain “I CAMP” is open to all schools and universities who are interested in teaching students about businesses and entrepreneurship. The “I Camp” is also one of the 3 new programs added by INJAZ Bahrain this academic year to the other 14 programs that are in place. With these programs, INJAZ Bahrain is planning to reach out to 20,000 students in all secondary schools and most of intermediate and primary schools.