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Inspection results for 19 private schools are now available on the ADEC portal

The Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) has announced that it will publish inspection reports on private schools twice a year instead of every two years or after the end of each inspection cycle. The move is in line with ADEC’s private schools sector’s mission to increase transparency and keep parents continuously updated and well informed about their children’s schools.

The first set of inspection reports were published on the ADEC website in July 2013.

ADEC has recently (March 2014) published inspection results for 19 private schools that have been inspected during the first trimester of the academic school year 2013/14. These reports can be accessed on ADEC’s official Inspection Results Portal via the following address:

Inspection results for schools that are currently being inspected (trimester 2) and for schools that will be inspected in the third trimester will be published in July 2014.

According to the recently published results for the 19 schools, two of those schools are Band A (High Performing), another three are Band B (Satisfactory) and the remaining 14 schools are in Band C (In need of significant improvement).

The grade for six of the 19 schools has improved between the second and third cycle of inspections, whereas 11 of the schools have maintained the same grade. Since ADEC published the first private school inspection results in July 2013, schools have improved, as shown in the recently published End-of-Cycle report. This is also evident among 14 schools that have been inspected for the third time; eight of those schools continued to improve from Cycle 2 to Cycle 3; furthermore, two of those schools improved by three grades levels between Cycle 1 and Cycle 3.

Private schools are inspected every two years, and ADEC will continue to provide published inspection results as mentioned above, twice a year.

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