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A special event was organized and hosted by A+ Laser Center in Saifi Village, offering a unique skin care experience from SkinCeuticals.

Since its establishment in 2003, A + Laser has been helping thousands of people improve their confidence and appearance. Driven by this mission, Center director and Co-Owner Mrs. Maya Baz El Hani welcomed a group of ladies on a journey with SkinCeuticals which was both educational and indulging.

The activity was held under the supervision of Dermatologist, Dr. Josiane Helou Mallat, one of Lebanon’s very first qualified laser doctors. With eighteen years experience, Dr. Josiane provides the most advanced and safest laser cosmetic treatments around.

She explained, “Proper skin management involves a comprehensive approach where procedures, homecare products, & professional cosmetic treatments – under medical supervision come hand-in-hand in an integrated model for a better & long-lasting efficiency”.” “SkinCeuticals fits perfectly within the clinic’s model as the brand offers a complementary treatment every step of the way,” added Mrs. Maya Baz El Hani.

Ms. Darine Najem, General Manager of the Active Cosmetics Division at L’Oreal Levant, gave an insight into the world of SkinCeuticals explaining: “SkinCeuticals was founded in the US by a world-renowned Dermatologist, Dr. Sheldon Pinell, and the brand was subsequently launched in Lebanon in 2011.” She continued by saying: “As a leader in antioxidant and sun protection technology the brand discovers, develops and delivers an advanced line of scientifically-backed cosme-ceutical treatments.”

Then Ms. Najem introduced the brand philosophy which is to “Protect skin from environmental insults, Prevent skin damage, & Correct the signs of skin ageing.”

She also emphasized the partnership with A+ Laser where the brand philosophy can come to life through the Integrated Skin Care Model. Ms. Najem thanked Mrs. Maya Baz El Hani & Dr. Josiane Helou Mallat for hosting this event.

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