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Internal Auditors Association teams-up with Transparency International in UAE

Organizing First Joint Conference in line with UAE leadership directives to highlight the association's role in preventing corruption in public and private institutions.

Internal Auditors Association UAE, recently received Professor Abdul Nabi Shaheen at the association’s headquarters in Dubai. Shaheen, an activist against corruption, was briefed on the Internal Auditors Association’s programs and activities, in particular those focusing on its role in preventing corruption in public and private institutions.

Shaheen was also briefed on the conferences and seminars organized by the association, and its efforts to train and prepare UAE graduates of both genders to work as auditors.

This in addition to the association’s efforts in translating books on internal auditing into Arabic: Sawyer’s Guide for Internal Auditors, Coso: Internal Control – Integrated Framework, and Certified Internal Auditor which was Arabized in collaboration with some internal auditors associations in the Arab world, particularly the IIA Saudi Chapter.

Shaheen praised the UAE’s regulatory agencies and their role in the fight against corruption, and the application of standards of integrity and transparency, which in turn led to boosting the state’s status in Transparency International’s annual report.

He went on to commend the determination of the UAE leadership and its efforts to position the state in first place, globally, in terms of transparency levels, in line with the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai (may Allah protect him) to never settle for anything less than first place.

During the meeting, they discussed the possibility of organizing the first joint conference with Transparency International in the UAE over the next few months.

Professor Shaheen shall communicate with the international organization to propose the idea and he shall coordinate with the association to make the necessary arrangements for the conference, with the participation of international and national experts.

Abdul Qader Obaid Ali, Chairman, Internal Auditors Association UAE “stressed the importance of internal and external auditing in the fight against corruption and fraud within institutions. Adding that auditing is akin to white blood cells which defend the body against infectious diseases, drawing a parallel between the white blood cells as part of the body’s immune system and how auditing prevents corruption from leaking into the institutional body.”

Obaid highlighted the association’s desire to organize joint quality activities with Transparency International, as the world’s leading expert with global experience in consolidating the values of integrity, transparency and the fight against corruption. He added that the UAE currently is currently rated 25th globally and first within the Arab world in terms of transparency levels. The UAE attained 70 points out of

100, compared to 69 points over the past two years, leading to the state’s upward advancement on the Corruption Perceptions Index issued in 2014 by Transparency International.

The chairman of the Board of Directors of the Internal Auditors Association stated that the UAE will host the International Audit Conference in May of 2018, with over 4000 participants expected to attend. He went on to say that this will be the largest event of its kind worldwide, and will enhance the UAE’s positioning regionally and globally as a highly advanced country in the field of auditing and regulatory agencies performance excellence.