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International buyers and exhibitors at Project Qatar 2015 visit Mall of Qatar

Project Qatar 2015, the annual International Construction Technology & Building Materials Exhibition, takes place this week at QNCC.

International buyers, manufacturers and exhibitors at Project Qatar took time to visit Mall of Qatar, the country’s largest mall under construction with over 500,000 sqm total built up area.

Dubbed the Mall of the Future due to its state of the art design, Mall of Qatar, the visitors were told, is a destination in its own right set to draw visitors through a unique entertainment program of daily showbiz performances and mall wide performers.

The visitors toured the site and viewed the massive 25m high domed Centre Oasis which will house the first 360 degree professional theatre in a mall in the world with a vast rotating stage and rigging system able to support 20 tons of equipment. They also viewed the 4,200sqm entertainment area which will have over 80 food and beverage outlets on three floors and feature dancing fountains and giant tree sculptures.

The tour also included a look at the site of the 5 star luxury Fashion Hotel, from the new Curio Collection by Hilton brand, connected to the Luxury Court, an exclusive area for high fashion, designer goods and signature restaurants. Visitors were then shown where the 16,500 sqm family entertainment centre and 19 screen cinema complex will be located with the world’s largest IMAX 3D laser projection system and six VIP screens offering in theatre-dining.

Thomas Pfeifle, CEO of J Schmalz GmbH’s vacuum handling systems based in the Black Forest in Germany, said: ‘The Mall is very impressive and a huge project. We manufacture large vacuum handling systems for glass, wood, metal and stone for construction development, but I have never seen such a large project as this one in Qatar.”

Linda Barrina from Ideal Legno, an Italian company based in Venice manufacturing wooden floorings for commercial use, said: “We’re exhibiting at Project Qatar as Qatar is an emerging country, growing every day and it’s incredible what they’re doing here. The quality and design of the Mall of Qatar project is evident throughout the site, it’s very fashionable and modern and its size and scale are amazing.”

Valadmiro Monteiro, CEO of Luzarq lighting design company for shopping malls in Portugal and Angola, said: “This has to be the top benchmark for malls today. It’s very impressive, its size and the organisation behind it, just perfect. The way it has been built to let natural light flood in is very ecological and addresses a top concern when building malls like this.”

Luigi Scaffidi, Generla Manager of Plastitalia, Sicily-based leading producer of polyethylene fittings in Europe, commented: “I’ve visited many countries but this is the best building site and mall I have ever seen, it’s very impressive. I liked the whole concept and the innovative design.”

Giada Battistello, Sales Manager of Venice-based Newfloor, who produce commercial flooring of every kind and count QSTP as a customer in Qatar, said: “It’s very interesting and so big, there is nothing like it in Italy. We really want to visit it when it is finished. The design is so great, the architects really thought it out well and understood perfectly what it takes to make a big impact on shoppers.”

Dhanya Gangitano, General Manager of Diasen based near Perugia Italy, who produce high technology solutions for thermal and acoustic insulation, waterproofing and refurbishment of surfaces said: “The mall is very impressive, particularly for it to be built it in so short a time. It was interesting to understand the landlord tenant relationship and see how successful it has been, with 82% already leased.”

Dinesh Tripath, Director of NSD Glass Ltd based in Mumbai India, who produce glass facades and complete external building skins, said: “It’s really great, a completely new experience. I was especially impressed with the planning and scope of work – with a little more effort maybe it could have been the biggest mall in the world!”

Project Qatar 2015, the annual International Construction Technology & Building Materials Exhibition, takes place this week at QNCC. The event attracts key international buyers and industry leaders looking for the most up-to-date technology and state-of-the art equipment available on the market.

Project Qatar is one of Qatar’s most important exhibition for highlighting the latest products and services needed for Qatari’s fast growing construction sector and has become a destination of choice for regional and international industry professionals.