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InTouch Clinic introduces Cranio-Sacral Therapy

InTouch Clinic – the first Integrated Chiropractic Spinal Centre in Bahrain, is pleased to introduce a new therapist, Anna Thompson-Hall, who has joined the team to deliver Cranio-Sacral Therapy (CST). CST is a gentle therapy which helps to unwind tension, release physical/emotional blockages and realign the mind/body.

As the specialist delivering CST at InTouch clinic, Anna said, “Often the underlying cause of pain is a mystery; a joint presents within a normal physiological range of movement – but for some reason it gets stuck and the client experiences pain, restriction, discomfort. People are familiar with the body-mind connection and we often find there is a strong psycho-somatic element when the body is stuck or holding on to pain. For this reason, Anna is also qualified in psychotherapy in order to help clients release the emotional bonds to physical pain.”

Cranio-sacral therapy is primarily used in instances of severe acute pain where manipulation and large movements of joints cannot be tolerated, thus speeding up the healing process. Anna added, “CST can also be used to effectively treat unexplained digestive issues which may also have underlying emotional connections.”

Anna’s interests in the body/mind connection have led her to achieve an Honours Degree in Complementary Therapies specializing in Stress Management whilst simultaneously studying Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation and Manual Articulation initially with the The British & European Osteopathic Association, and later with the Upledger Institute and The Barrall Institute.

InTouch Integrated Chiropractic Spine Centre is a multidisciplinary practice addressing whole-body wellness and care. InTouch has a dedicated team of North American trained Chiropractors, skilled Physical therapists and Exercise Rehabilitation professionals. Anna joins the team at InTouch to help bring them closer to achieving their vision of ‘excellence in the provision of outpatient spine rehabilitation and wellness care.’