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Iran’s private steel firms hit record production

Iran is the world's 15th steel producer. The country's main steel mills are located in Isfahan and Khuzestan provinces

Iran’s private sector hits new record, producing 3.49 million tonnes of steel products during March 21-November 21, 2014.

Private Iranian companies produced 1.27m tonnes of steel ingots during the eight-month period, which was over 60 per cent of the entire figure, IRNA reports.

In the eight-month period, private companies’ production of round bar and galvanised sheet reached 2.12m tonnes and 738,800 tonnes respectively.

Production of other steel products and iron girders reached 367,300 tonnes and 261,700 tonnes respectively.

During this period, private and public units produced 11.2m tonnes of raw steel, of which 88.6 per cent pertained to state-run companies.

In this period, production of steel products, including galvanised sheets, round bars, iron girders, pipes and wide sheets, reached 11.65m tonnes, of which 3.49m tonnes pertained to the private sector.

The figure indicates a 4.8 per cent growth compared with the corresponding figure for last year, which was 11.12m tonnes.

In the year ending March 20, 2014, Iran’s steel output amounted to 15.6m tonnes, up by 8.8 per cent year-on-year.

In this period, the country’s output of steel products reached 16.5m tonnes.

Iran is the world’s 15th steel producer. The country’s main steel mills are located in Isfahan and Khuzestan provinces.

The raw steel producers of Iran are Mobarakeh Steel Company, with approximately 47 per cent of the market share, Khuzestan Steel Company with 23 per cent, Esfahan Steel Company with 20 per cent and the Iran National Steel Industrial Group with 10 per cent of the market share.