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Is this country vying to be the most Muslim-friendly in the world?

Outbound tourist flow from the Arabian Gulf to different destinations worldwide is gradually taking off. Travel agencies and tourism boards of different countries are reimagining a travel experience driven by a new, always-connected traveller – whether it is the family traveller, the independent traveller, the middle-class traveller, or the business traveller.

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There’s one country, however, in East Asia that seems to be going full throttle to becoming a popular and Muslim-friendly tourist destination.

With more than 150 restaurants, hotels, and other business operations having obtained Halal certifications, Taiwan is gradually becoming a preferred travel destination from the Middle East, as the recent travel trends show.

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Last year, the number of tourists from the Middle East set a new high record in Taiwan, followed by further double-digit year-on-year growth of 13.64 percent in the first two months of 2018.

Also, among the fastest growing travellers in Taiwan from Muslim-majority countries, the United Arab Emirates comes first, with more than 20 percent growth.

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To tap into the fast-growing market of the Middle East and the UAE, Taiwan Tourism Bureau participated in the just-concluded Arabian Travel Market event in Dubai, for the fifth time.

“Taiwan has been dedicated to becoming a Muslim-friendly destination, with restaurants, hotels, leisure farms and other business operations having obtained Halal certifications, and that can be attributed to the double-digit growth of the travellers from Muslim nations,” said the Director of the Taiwan Tourism Bureau Singapore Office, Trust Lin.

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