Complex Made Simple

ISAS’ students to benefit from intensive internship programme

The internship concludes with the student’s feedback and performance evaluation by the intern’s direct supervisor during the term.

With the objective of imparting crucial corporate knowledge and skills for an early advantage in life, The International School of Arts & Sciences (ISAS) includes a 3-day intensive internship programme for its 11th and 12th Graders, which aims at connecting theories lessons with practical knowledge gained in a work environment.

The opportunities under this programme is preceded by a thorough and extensive counselling aimed at gauging a student’s field of interest. In the initial phase, students are encouraged to identify and contact relevant companies that match their sphere of academics and interests.

This in turn hones their research, networking and communication skills which are imperative for any field of work. Prior to joining their choice of company, students chart their objectives under the guidance of counsellors & teachers.

Held over a period of three days, the internship – taken under official supervision – gives the students a peek into the professional environment and allows them to absorb the skills essential for a successful professional career. Getting hands on experience adds value to the theoretical knowledge and sensitizes the students with important work ethic and conduct to be observed at work. Students work closely with the senior members of the organization to gather deep insights from the job profile and establish inter-personal relationship with their colleagues.

The internship concludes with the student’s feedback and performance evaluation by the intern’s direct supervisor during the term.

The internship is followed by the student’s reflection through a presentation prepared for a panel of faculty members and fellow students. Summing up their unique experiences, this presentation facilitates a dialogue between students and panel members to explore the work done by the student, and provide constructive feedback that can benefit the students.

The programme has been received enthusiastically by students and parents alike, as well as by companies who have inducted interns from ISAS. The industries that have shown a keen interest in giving students this opportunity include advertising, marketing & communications, medical clinics and digital forensics amongst others. For parents, learning about their child’s proactive interest in a certain field builds a platform to decide the future course of higher education.

The internship programme is in line with ISAS’s philosophy of a student’s holistic development to meet the demands and challenges of the real world. By giving students the opportunity to blend into real corporate environment, ISAS attempts to foster an in-depth understanding of life beyond the confines of a classroom, and prepare them better for the all-important journey after school.