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Jafza is vital hub for Asia trade: Qingdao Port chief

?Cheng Xinnong, the president of Qingdao Port said here on Sunday that Jafza has become a very important business and commercial hub for Asian companies, specifically Chinese firms, adding that the establishment of the Qingdao Free Zone will add value to the already deep relations and boost trade exchange between China and Jafza.

Cheng was leading a high-level Qindao Port Group delegation, which included Zhang Zaichun, the Business Development Advisor, Zhang Jiandong the general manager of Qiangang Company and Xu Naishan, Secretary, General Office of the Group to Jafza, for a meeting with Ibrahim Mohamed Aljanahi, the Deputy CEO of Jafza and Chief Commercial Officer, Economic Zones World.

Stressing the importance of Jafza’s trade ties with China, Aljanahi explained the incentives available to companies setting up business in the Free Zone.

Aljanahi welcomed the delegation and stressing the importance of the historical trade relations with China, and said: “China is one of Jafza’s most important trade partners. Trade between Jafza and China has jumped from AED 4 billion in 2004 to AED 46 billion in 2013.”

“We expect this figure to grow in the coming years in light of the investments being made by the Chinese companies here,” he added.

Jafza has helped raise the business profile of Dubai and the UAE, and plays a key role in attracting foreign investment to the tune of 40 percent of all FDI inflows to Dubai and 20 percent of FDI coming into the UAE.

Jafza is currently home to more than 238 Chinese companies which includes leading multinationals.

These companies play a pivotal role in advancing the national economy and promote trade relations between the two sides.

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