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Jeddah’s children and families celebrateed Red Sea Mall’s sixth anniversary

Tens of Red Sea Mall’s visitors celebrated the sixth anniversary of the most popular shopping and entertainment center in the Western Province and one of the largest in the region. The children and families expressed their deep feelings through forwarded messages to the mall and special photos captured in this occasion.

Many visitors shared their pride with Red Sea Mall assuring that it has a special place in their hearts and a prime location in the Arab world.

With more than 2000 malls around Saudi Arabia that forms a staggering 50 billion Saudi Riyals investments, aspirations are still on and expectations became higher for a mall that provides all the needs of a Saudi Family under one roof. Such services are expected to come within a warm and cozy environment, besides all entertainment possible to make the best out of a shopping trip. Especially for the kids.

Red Sea Mall of Jeddah is considered one of the most renowned malls across the kingdom. For six years since its establishment, Red Sea Mall is still the place for shopping and entertainment for individuals and families around the year and along all seasons. It has become a tourism attraction for locals and people coming to Jeddah throughout the year.

Mr Mohammad Alawi, the CEO of Red Sea Malls Co. the owner of Red Sea Mall, has indicated that the booming in shopping malls in Saudi Arabia is an essential part of the economic prosperity and in the country. It has a great reflection on other sectors and industries as it positively collaborates all the ends of the local market towards a better quality and luxurious life for the Saudi citizen.

Mr. Alawi also clarified, “We understand what the mall visitors expect. Therefore, we maintain continuous collaboration of the brand show rooms to integrate them in the activities and events of the mall, which made us, have taken all actions and raised our measure to ensure exceptional shopping and entertainment experience.”

The great diversity of brand showrooms and the infinite creative, social and entertainment activities offered by the Mall, had been recognized by the Middle East Council of Shopping Centers at the RECon conferences throughout the years, which awarded Red Sea Mall many awards such as; the best marketing campaign award, cause related award and the social media marketing award. Additional to those awards Red Sea Mall has earned the tourism excellence award from the Saudi Tourism Authority.

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