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Jordanian banks’ assets hit JOD46.7 billion, end August 2015

Of the 25 banks operating in the Jordanian market, 13 are commercial establishments, eight are foreign operations and four, Islamic

Bank assets in Jordan stood at JOD46.7 billion in August 2015, of which JOD4.49bn are foreign assets, compared with JOD44.55bn in August 2015 and JOD46.49bn in July 2015.

According to the central bank’s data, there are 25 banks operating in the Jordanian market, including 13 commercial establishments, eight foreign operations and four Islamic ones, reports Jordan-based Alrai newspaper.

Foreign assets accounted for JOD4.49bn of the total assets, while domestic assets amounted to JOD42.19bn.

Foreign assets are divided as balances in banks abroad amounting to JOD3.01bn, securities portfolios (non-resident) of JOD676.7 million, facilities to private sector (non-resident) of roughly JOD490.3m and cash in foreign currency of 192.6m, as well as other foreign assets totalling JOD122.4m.

As for domestic assets, debts distributed over the public sector, the central government and public institutions amounted to JOD23.15bn; while resident private sector’s debts were JOD18.24bn; reserves, JOD7.66bn. Balances with the Central Bank were approximately JOD7.27bn, balances with the central bank in foreign currencies were valued at JOD727.6m, in addition to cash on hand of JOD394.9m, debt on financial institutions at JOD87.7m, as well as other assets valued at JOD3.87bn.

(JOD1 = AED 5.18, at the time of publishing)