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Jordanian exporters urge reopening of land route with Iraq

National industries incurring losses amounting to JOD200m every year due to closed borders

Jordanian exporters and businessmen urged their country’s government to contact the Iraqi government to reopen a key border crossing between the two countries to resume the flow of goods and commodities.

The entry point, deemed a lifeline for Jordanian exports to the Iraqi market, remains sealed off by Iraqi authorities as goivernment forces continue to battle militants in the Al Anbar province.

The traders told Al Ghad daily that alternatives have proved unfeasible and costly, in addition to the delay in the shipping process. Jordanian trucks now travel through Saudi Arabia and Kuwait on their way to Iraq port city of Basra.

Over the past ten months of the current year, Jordanian exports to Iraq went down by 28 per cent to a total of JOD505 million, compared with JOD697m for the same period last year, according to official data.

Industrialists warn that failure to reopen the direct border crossing with Iraq might result in the closure of a number of factories, which export the bulk of their production to Jordan’s eastern neighbour.

They say that national industries are incurring losses amounting to JOD200m every year because of the closure of the borders with Iraq.

(JOD1 = AED5.18, at the time of publishing)