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Jordanian exports enter Iraqi market

“Iraqi market one of the most important export destinations for Jordanian products”.

Maha Ali, the Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply, affirms that the Jordanian exports problem within Iraqi territories has been solved after the government’s vigorous efforts and the follow-up by Prime Minister Dr Abdullah Ensour.

Ali says in a statement to Petra that the Iraqi market is considered one of the most important export destinations for Jordanian products.

She expresses her appreciation of the Iraqi response to resolving the problem of Jordanian exports loaded in Iraqi trucks that were stuck inside Iraq, explaining that there are ongoing communications with the Iraqi side to perpetuate the trade exchange.

She confirms the government’s attention and eagerness to overcome the obstacles facing the Jordanian exports to various markets and the optimisation of the free trade agreements signed by Jordan.

Meanwhile, Director General of Amman Chamber of Industry, Nael Husami, says that Jordan’s annual industrial exports account for about 25 per cent of the total Jordanian exports, if clothes and fertilisers are excluded.

Al Husami notes that the Iraqi An Nukhayb crossing is considered the main route for Jordanian products and goods to go to Iraq.

He emphasises that the government needs to work with the Iraqi side to sustain the continued operation of the An Nukhayb crossing for the purpose of exports to Iraq.