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Jordanian government to promote investment and role of private sector

“Investment Council has passed resolutions based on government’s recognition of importance of domestic and foreign investment support”

The Jordanian Government considers that the kingdom’s economy is in a sound position, in light of regional and international political and economic conditions.

The government is implementing measures to promote investment and partnership between them and the private sector, reports London-based Al-Hayat.

The recently announced government budget for 2016 features a deficit equal to 3.1 per cent of GDP, compared with 3.4 per cent this year.

The Jordanian Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour confirms: “The economy’s performance in these circumstances is steady, strong and moving in the right direction.”

He made his remarks in a press conference held to announce the decisions of the Investment Council, saying that there’s no fear about the economy in spite of the circumstances that surround the country.

He said: “The Investment Council has passed resolutions based on the government’s recognition of the importance of domestic and foreign investment support, most notably the granting of additional benefits for the IT sector due to its role in creating jobs and increasing exports, and its high contribution to the national economy by up to 12 per cent of the gross domestic product.”