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Kalimat Publishing Group signs landmark MoU with Samsung

Heralding a major leap forward in the use of technology to support education in the Emirates, Kalimat Publishing Group has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with leading mobile technology providers Samsung.

The MoU, which will see Samsung facilitate the implementation of the e-learning programmes of Horouf Educational Publishing, an imprint of Kalimat Publishing Group, marks the technology giant’s first collaboration with an educational party.

The announcement was made during a press conference held on the 28th of October, which included a video presentation introducing Horouf Educational Publishing and its unique projects. The event was attended by Mr. Young Soo Kim, President of Samsung Gulf Electronics.

Speaking about the collaboration, Sheikha Bodour bint Sultan Al Qasimi, Founder and CEO of Kalimat Publishing Group, said, “The advances in mobile technology have irrevocably changed the way that we as a society interact with the world around us, which is why finding ways to effectively integrate this technology into the educational process is of vital importance. Horouf Educational Publishing’s e-learning programmes aim to provide a valuable tool that will enable educators and students to leverage technology to add value to the learning process. Samsung has firmly established itself as a world leader in mobile technology solutions and we are extremely pleased to be entering into this exciting partnership.”

Mr. Madhav Narayan, Senior Regional Director, GCC, Enterprise Business Group at Samsung Gulf Electronics, said, “Education is a key priority in the UAE and harnessing the power of technology to enable collaborative, immersive and intuitive learning has been instrumental in driving the country’s education agenda forward. Similar initiatives are on the anvil in the rest of the Middle East. It gives us great pride to partner with Kalimat Publishing Group to help improve the educational services in the UAE by strategically building a state-of-the-art learning environment for future generations.”

Under the terms of the agreement Samsung, who will be the exclusive technology partner of Kalimat Publishing Group, undertakes to provide tablets and charging lockers for classroom use on an annual basis. They will also be providing Kalimat Publishing Group with their mobility products and will be offering Horouf application in its application store. Samsung will also be collaborating with Kalimat Publishing Group in providing training courses for teachers

Part of the Kalimat Publishing Group, Horouf Educational Publishing is an educational programme that aims to pioneer a fresh, fun, future oriented approach to Arabic Education. The programme works to provide innovative learning solutions to support the teaching of the Arabic language at schools, starting from preschool levels. Horouf Educational Publishing’s central focus is to improve children’s Arabic language capabilities through the provision of special designed educational materials in Arabic.

Horouf Educational Publishing’s innovative approach has been designed to encourage children to develop their physical, sensory, and intellectual capabilities and thereby give them the freedom to move, explore and build a balanced relationship with themselves, their teachers, their environment, and society.