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KAMCO supports Generation Five of The Protégés

The event took place at the Chairman’s Club and included a press conference and a career fair

KAMCO Investment Company, a leading investment company with one of the largest AUMs in the region, and winner of the prestigious Kuwait Asset Manager of the Year Award 2015, participated in the recognition ceremony of the Generation Five youth mentorship program, The Protégés, powered by KIPCO Group.

During the recognition ceremony, Generation Five of The Protégés presented their project, “RAQSH: Donate to Educate”, where the members collect books and donate them to those in need in order to promote education.

The event took place at the Chairman’s Club and included a press conference and a career fair. KAMCO, alongside KIPCO sister companies, set up booths in the Chairman’s Club to attract young talented individuals while providing them with apt descriptions of the companies and their services.

Mr. Farouq Al Oumi, Acting Chief Resources Officer at KAMCO, said, “We are proud to support and participate in youth development programs such as The Protégés mentorship program, which not only helps educate youth, but also guides them towards becoming more socially responsible. These initiatives taken by The Protégés are in line with our continued support for promoting education, youth development and health to help improve our society as a whole.”

Students had a chance to meet the KAMCO representatives at the event and inquire about the different opportunities offered by the company. They were also able to submit their resumes and fill out an application for possible internship positions within the company, which are available year round. This is one of the various events that KAMCO actively sponsors and participates in to attract potential candidates that fit the company’s criteria. These activities are part of KAMCO’s corporate social responsibility initiative to support and improve the education sector.