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KFC brings the taste of Mexico to region

New TEXMEX Box Master adds South American flavour to its popular range of wraps

Mexican cuisine lovers in the UAE are now able to enjoy the very best South American flavour experience readily available from the high street thanks to KFC.

The world’s number one name in chicken restaurants has just added the ‘TEXMEX’ to its popular Box Master offerings, meaning that customers don’t have to travel to Mexico to get the Mexican taste… they can savour it at KFC right here and now.

Expanding on KFC’s popular wrapped meal range, the TEXMEX comprises a delicious chicken fillet prepared with KFC’s famous zinger recipe, two slices of melt-in-the-mouth nacho cheese, juicy sliced tomato and crisp shredded lettuce, all wrapped in a warm toasted tortilla.

Topping it all off is more cheese and a rich, smooth layer of new avocado sauce, providing the ultimate combination of Mexican flavours in each mouthwatering, delectable bite.

The TEXMEX is the latest product in KFC’s array of wrapped food offerings, with the company pioneering the wrapper concept in the Middle East through its launch of the ‘Toasted Twister’ more than 10 years ago.

This was followed by the ‘Box Master’ in 2013, which rapidly established itself as a number one choice with its secret recipe or spicy zinger recipe chicken fillet, cheese, lettuce and tomato, all topped with pepper mayo and encased in a tortilla.

The new TEXMEX is expected to be just as big a hit with customers who are keen to expand their taste horizons and enjoy an exotic new take on an existing firm favourite. With the new TEXMEX, KFC is aiming to harness a segment of consumers whose adventurous palates are given confidence with the brand’s market-leading position, its commitment to only using the freshest ingredients and its prime focus on creating the ultimate customer experience with every one of its products.

KFC wants its customers to have the very best ‘TEXMEX’ Box Master promotion. The company is promising a great deal of fun for adults and kids around the launch of its new wrap at all its KFC stores across the region, with a big Mexican surprise in the offing!