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KFH calls on shareholders to submit dividends transfer requests to bank accounts

Forms available at branches

Kuwait Finance House (KFH) called on its shareholders to submit, through KFH branches, dividends transfer forms to bank accounts online. Service shall commence effective the dividends of the year ending December 2015. KFH has completed all necessary procedures and arrangements to provide this service appropriately. A memorandum of understanding has been concluded with Kuwait Clearing Company to complete transfer transactions to shareholders accounts automatically to save time and effort. This step is considered as a major progress in the usage of modern technology to guarantee shareholders comfort without the need to visit company’s premises personally to receive the cash dividends distribution cheques as per the old system.

KFH emphasized in a press release that branches have started to receive shareholders wishing to benefit from this service. Shareholder’s written consent is required on the form duly prepared for this purpose. The form is designed in a way that makes it easy for the shareholder to fill it up in a very short time. Shareholders shall be granted all possible help and assistance at KFH branches. Sufficient copies of the said form are also available.

KFH indicated that applications are available at all branches during normal working hours. Required information includes Trading No. – Civil ID No. for individuals – commercial registration No. for companies and bank account No.

The Memorandum of Understanding signed by KFH and KCC includes articles of cooperation and coordination concerning the exchange of details of shareholders wishing to transfer their profit from cash dividends at the year end to their bank accounts directly without the need to issue cheques in their names or referring to KCC. Service is available for shareholders wishing to benefit from this facility. Interested shareholders are requested to submit a written request to KFH to avail this service.

To facilitate procedures for KFH shareholders and save them time and effort the related form is placed on KCC website. Accordingly, shareholders may visit the said site, fill up the service form related to dividends transfer to accounts online, print and sign the said form and deliver the same to the nearest KFH branch to complete the dividends distribution transfer process to bank account.

This new service incarnates KFH keenness to provide quality standards for shareholders and customers, achieve their expectations in receiving a modern service with modern standards in accordance with KFH commitment to accuracy, speed and security. This service reiterates KFH pride in the fruitful and constructive cooperation with KCC and its endeavor to develop such cooperation in all fields. KFH has great confidence in the company’s capabilities and efforts to develop and upgrade performance in various means namely modern technology.

KFH is always keen on developing its services to cover all categories and fields in a parallel manner. The new service incarnates KFH care to mitigate shareholders difficulties in cooperation with KCC which is playing a vital role in this field. KCC enjoys highly sophisticated human and technical capabilities.