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KFH hosts Junior Engineers Academy Students

Kuwait Finance House “KFH” hosted in its airport branch Junior Engineers Academy Students, in an effort acquaint them with the nature of Islamic banking, and to highlight the leading role that the bank plays, in addition to highlighting the importance of saving through opening saving investment accounts.

At the branch, Zaid Altarmom, a Branch Manager, gave the students information about KFH products and services, showed them the nature of Islamic banking and the differences between them and the conventional ones, and highlighted the bank’s global status. Besides, he explained that the bank is keen on offering special products to the children segment like saving investment accounts such as Baiti account and Jameati account.

Moreover, he identified the branch sections and services to the students and the nature of each product, in addition to segments targeted. He underscored the importance of the banking sector and the development of skills and the necessity of involving students in the work of banks and financial institutions, especially the Islamic ones.

It’s worth mentioning that KFH is keen on hosting students from schools and educational institutes to raise their awareness of the importance of the banking business, and savings as an essential value in the life of the individual and society as well as to highlight the leadership of the bank in the region and the world.