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KFH inks agreement with International Trolley FoodStuff Co

Al-Nahedh: KFH approved new method of supporting service and operating companies

Chief Executive Officer at Kuwait Finance House (KFH) Mazin Saad Al-Nahedh said that KFH continues its efforts to bolster its leading position in supporting service and operating companies and projects in an attempt to be more accessible to clients and to cater for their banking requirements everywhere.

He added that customer service as per highest service quality standards is a strategic goal for KFH, noting that KFH has approved new method of providing comprehensive array of corporate financing and banking services which contributes in allowing companies to have a strong start to commence operations in the market.

Al-Nahedh explained, in a press release on the sidelines of inking comprehensive financing agreement with International Trolley FoodStuff Company which will establish and operate 86 central markets at petrol stations in Kuwait, that this agreement is the first of its kind in terms of the nature of the comprehensive financing services for the company and the clients who will use its utilities and services. KFH, by this agreement, will offer Trolley FoodStuff Company exclusive banking services as follows: covering all funding needs, opening banking accounts for the company and current accounts for the whole staff, POS service and ATM machines at all central markets the company establishes in the petrol stations.

Al-Nahedh expressed his appreciation for the companies’ initiatives and ideas that contribute to bolster the market and boost the economy stressing the important role of the private sector in this respect; especially that it is characterized by its resilience in performance not to mention the keenness to render best services in line with highest quality standards and customer satisfaction.

Meanwhile, Chairman of International Trolley FoodStuff Company, Fisal Budai, stated that the company was founded in 2010. The company signed a contract with Alfa Petrol Station and Oula Petrol Station to operate central markets in 86 stations spanning all over Kuwait in accordance with 10-year investment contract. He expressed his pride about inking the agreement with KFH.
Moreover, Budai reiterated that the agreement with KFH is strategic where it offers the company an appropriate period of stability that commensurate with first phase requirements. It’s worth noting that Trolley Company will commence operations once receiving the sites from Alfa and Oula petrol stations.