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KFH launches groundbreaking campaign for National Day celebrations

Al-Mukhaizeem: We aim to reinforce our connection with local Society and further Establish Deep Rooted relations

“Kuwait Finance House (KFH) launched a uniquely innovative consumer advertising campaign on the occasion of national day celebrations by transferring National Festivals status from just a mere traditional concept to a highly valuable event that will strengthen KFH relation with society through an innovative tone of voice to highlight KFH true value.

“Induced by its role as the leading Islamic bank in Kuwait and the cornerstone in the development process, KFH has decided to strengthen its social presence and connections and participate in the country’s national day celebrations” said General Manager Strategy and Corporate Affairs at KFH, Eng. Fahad Khaled Al-Mukhaizeem in a press release. KFH is an integral part of this society. This step aims to confirm and reiterate KFH Islamic identity which comprises noble values that are also this nation’s relevant cornerstones such e.g. belonging, loyalty, security, generosity, forgiveness and love. He indicated that these concepts and qualities are r the pillars of the campaign through which Kuwaitis society members will have the feeling of belonging to KFH and to Kuwait in general.

Al-Mukhaizeem added, KFH has launched these words and concepts along with drawings and sketches on large pieces of fabric designed on purpose for this campaign by several renowned local Kuwaiti artists, using national colors only on all portraits in commercial malls. These new pieces of art under the 5 themes will be present in different media, both traditional, in mall and social media. KFH will organize different activities related to national day celebrations. A special booth in one of the Malls will include the original pieces of art and all society members wishing to participate in the national festival will be given a chance to paint their calligraphic version of one of the concepts on the fabric in an aim to produce a new piece of artwork through their collaborative effort. Also, KFH will organize a visit to one of the hospitals and distribute gifts to children in an attempt to reinforce the concept of love and kindness. KFH has also organized a blood donation campaign to support the concept of generosity and giving.

Al-Mukhaizeem added that these concepts will be presented in various artistic Islamic forms including calligraphy and poetry instead of the tradition printed letters. Words will be written on a large piece of textile aiming to give them a higher value in order to touch the public hearts and strengthen relations and values. Participation aims to strengthen the concepts of pride, honor and belonging to Kuwait.

Al-Mukhaizeem emphasized that the campaign shall comprise several activities, thus highlighting and representing KFH role and commitment of participation in the national festivals and strengthens its social role. KFH is considered as the leading bank and enjoys the largest customers’ base in Kuwait. The above factors reinforce and strengthen KFH ties with society and confirm its Islamic identity and its sense of social responsibilities.

– Fahad Al-Mukhaizeem
– A piece of fabric