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KFH offers clients up to 80 per cent discount at Dubai Shopping Festival

These discounts reflect KFH's ongoing policy of prioritizing the clients; yet confirm bank's endeavors to meet clients' needs and aspirations.

Kuwait Finance House (KFH), in collaboration with Visa Middle East, offers its clients special discount up to 80% at Dubai Shopping Festival 2016. This offer is designed for visa credit and prepaid cardholders.

The offer is valid for one month and expires on February 1st. clients can avail this promotional offer by registering through visa website which will authorize them to receive SMSs or emails of the daily exclusive discounts available during the period of the campaign at Dubai Shopping Festival. The offers include electronics, travelling, entertainment, luxury, cars, in addition to retail stores. Participants will need to respond directly to the SMS or, if notified by email, through the link provided, immediately after the specified response time on that same day. Depending on the number of offers available for that day, the first specified number of responders will receive offer codes which will entitle them to that day’s deals and discounts. To redeem the discount offer code, participants will need to present a government-issued identification such as passport, residency etc. along with the offer code.

It is worth noting that participants must be at least 21 years of age and be physically present in Dubai at the time of redeeming any offer as part of this promotion. Otherwise eligible participants between the ages of 16 and 21 may be required to furnish parental consent before they participate and claim the offer.

These discounts reflect KFH’s ongoing policy of prioritizing the clients; yet confirm bank’s endeavors to meet clients’ needs and aspirations.