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KFH organizes open day for recruitment

Move to receive, select new recruits affirms bank’s efforts to qualify national manpower

Kuwait Finance House (KFH) has organized for the first time among local banks an open day for recruitment on which KFH representatives receive, interview and select a galaxy of Kuwaiti fresh graduates.

This initiative emanates from KFH’s endeavors to attract and qualify national manpower to work in the banking sector while introducing them to the modus operandi of the Islamic banking and the private sector.

Those who wished to join the bank applied on KFH website and KFH selected date to receive and interview them. KFH intends to repeat this successful experience annually in an attempt to ensure best opportunities to select high caliber national cadres and recruit them in order to contribute in improving competencies and honing skills as per the highest international standards.

It is worth noting that KFH is deemed as a pioneer in recruiting and qualifying the national manpower while building outstanding banking cadres. It received several awards in recognition of its excellence in kuwaitization and in raising the bar of national manpower.