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KFH: Training program for 16 new recruits- ladies branches

Program tailored to qualify them according to highest quality standards

Kuwait Finance House (KFH) organized a comprehensive training program for a new batch of recruits- ladies branches in an attempt to improve their proficiency in banking transactions to better serve clients and cater for their aspirations.

The 39-day program encompassed 16 employees. It includes training courses and workshops on banking products, such as; banking cards, bank accounts, deposits, letters of guarantee, and KFH eservices.

In addition, the program tackles training courses on sharia basics, counterfeiting and fraud, money laundering, searching guidelines, e-learning, not to mention the call center; its equipment, role, and the services it renders. Trainees were also briefed on all kinds of commercial transactions.

Such training programs contribute to raise the bar of employees, enrich their banking knowledge and put them on track to be well equipped and prepared to assume the responsibility of serving clients and handle any obstacle according to the highest international standards of excellence service quality.